The Half Hearted Girl Book - signed by Author

$ 7.99

On one side of the world a girl is born with half of a heart, at the very same time on the other side of the world a boy is born with half a soul. When one day they meet in the very middle of the world. The Half-Hearted Girl is part graphic novel, modern fairy tale, romance, adventure, and storybook.

This is a book you would have seen in books stores 70 years ago. A modern fairy tale because there is no physical antagonist in this story. The challenge our Protagonist has to face is that of an internal nature. The main theme of this story is about love and soul mates and how meeting another person can sometimes help us become a more complete person ourselves. The story follows the life of The Half-Hearted Girl and her quest to seek out wholehearted things. When one day she discovers something special. This discovery sends her off on an adventure. There is a parallel story of The Half Soul Boy who one day also discovers something that leads him off on an adventure of his own. Layered inside of the main story line is a coming-of-age tale with some very significant and meaningful insights about life, the emptiness we all feel inside at times, and the great mortal coil 

This book is packed with tons of amazing illustrations