Womens fashion designer Sandra Harvey launches culinary line - Designer fitted womens Chef Jackets, Coats, Pants, and Apparel by SANDRA HARVEY - SHD Culinary line.

Martha Stewart - American Made 2014 - Nominee Badge

Designer chef jackets and coats for Women

Sandra Harvey is a Fashion Designer, a Culinary school Graduate and the Owner of SHD Culinary Apparel. Sandra has also written several childrens books including the much acclaimed coming of age story “The Half Hearted Girl.” A portion of all of her books sales are donated to various humanitarian and animal rights organizations. All of her books are Printed in the USA. Sandra Harvey is an advocate for Human and Animal rights, a leader in her community, a mother, a business women, an entrepreneur, and a strong believer in Creating jobs for Americans by manufacturing all of her products in the USA and paying all of her employees a living wage rather than a minimum wage.
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