Sally Chef Pant

$ 90.00

Sally is the perfect pant for both its comfort and style.                                                         

Flat front with the hidden elastic band facing so no bulky waistline under your jacket and apron.

Cut just at the waistline and high enough so when you bend over it doesn’t reveal your panties. Doesn’t pull too low in the back.  

Waist is a Mid-Rise and fits between the hip and belly (depending on your body type) The fit is slim to the knee. 

Length falling at the ankle or just slightly below (depends on your leg length)

NOTE: Machine wash in cool, lay flat to dry.     

We are a small company, please allow 2 weeks unless otherwise noted.       

 I buy single rolls of fabric so the dye lots can vary between rolls.                                   

The pants are beautiful and worth the wait - I promise.