Yasmeen chef coat - Black

$ 128.00

Modern and stylish with three quarter length sleeves are perfect in length with peaked cuffs.

Imported sports twill rayon/nylon/spandex. 

Machine wash cold and lay flat to dry or Dry Clean, Cool iron press

NOTE:  I buy single rolls of fabric so the dye lots can slightly vary between rolls. 

I am a small company and hand cut and sew each order, If I am out of stock, please be patient and allow two weeks, its worth it the jackets are beautiful and worth the wait, I promise.



INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS                                                                                              International shipping rates apply                                                                                              I am more than happy to ship internationally.

NOTE: You will be responsible for any customs taxes or import fees (if any). Also, I ship within a few business days after your garment is made, but international shipping can at times take longer than we would like. You are welcome to contact me at any time throughout the purchase, shipping or post receipt of your item, but please be patient.

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